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Available to All Our Happy Members!


Transportation for our qualified

participants is provided at no additional cost. Furthermore, while participants are attending the daycare, we will help coordinate transportation for all medical appointments included PCP visits, PT sessions, and other specialists.

Medical Assistance

We have on-site registered nurses who give individual attention to participants and help coordinate doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, hearing aids, eye-glasses, dental appointments, giving insulin, eye drops, medications as per doctor's order and more!

Benefits Assistance

Happy Seniors has experienced and licensed social workers on-site that can assist with various tasks such as: Social Security Income, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP / EBT, Visiting Nurses,  Naturalization (US Citizenship), Renewal of Passports/Green Cards etc.

Social Activities

We keep our clients engaged in interesting and exciting recreational/therapeutic activities like celebrating religious festivals, television, movies, temple visits, malls, shopping, picnics, etc. 

Other activities also include mindfulness meditation classes, yoga/exercise programs, arts and crafts, cooking classes, games, music and singing classes.

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